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A living will or advance directive is a legal document that comes into play or becomes effective when someone is suffering from a life-threatening situation.

A living will be created for a situation when the person is in its end-of-life situation and is not in a condition to communicate. It acts as a binding document with rules that should be followed if the person is terminally ill and unconscious.

It gives the close family members and its medical healthcare professional, valuable guidance to move in the direction described in the person's will. The person is also responsible for setting the terms and dictating when they will come into effect.

What Is the Meaning of Ohio Living Will Form?

An Ohio living form is a legally backed declaration by a person. It specifies what procedure will be followed when the signatory person is in their end-of-life situation.

Under Ohio law, this living will declaration applies to individuals with a terminal condition or under a pure unconscious state.

Through this living will they can submit their choices for taking life support, nutrients intake, hydration, CPR, dialysis, ventilation, organ donation, etc. or not.

In the form, the person declares that he is of sound mind and not under or subject to duress, fraud, or undue influence. By signing this, he intends that this living will be honored by his immediate family members and medical professionals when that critical situation arises.

Will I Ever Need an Ohio Living will?

Future is unpredictable and so is life. Any person living in Ohio can get in a condition where they might need an Ohio Living Will. It is possible that you might encounter a terminal illness or you meet with an accident, and you are about to have a surgery performed on the body.

In, both the cases, there are chances that you might move into a state of unconsciousness, and you are unable to make the decisions for yourself. In such cases living will prove to be very useful.

What Are the Advantages of Having an Ohio Living Will?

  • Provides Relief:

Not having a living will, can place a heavy burden on your family and cause rift due to disagreements in critical conditions. Which is why, having a living will can reduce help you avoid such unwanted confrontations.

  • Makes Sure your Wishes are Followed

Since it is legally backed, it will make sure that all the choices you may have are fulfilled when you are in an end-of-life situation.

  • Let’s you act in Good Will

It lets you set the terms when you are in good condition for implementation when you are in a terminal state of mind.

  • Prepares you for the Worst

Although this might sound harsh, making a living will also build your mental fortitude. It will force you to think about your end-of-life condition and force you to make decisions accordingly

  • Let’s you Delegate your Wishes

People without a living will are entrusted upon anonymous decision makers, who have no knowledge about your beliefs or principles. So, by making a living will you can eliminate such possibilities and make your own decisions

What Are the Particulars of an Ohio living will?

An Ohio living will contains all the information that the signatory seeks necessary while creating it. It also directs a person's family or physician to follow the rules mentioned in the will. It includes particulars to act upon when the principle is:

  • To be supplied with artificially or technologically aided nutrition or hydration.
  • Given Cardiopulmonary resuscitation/CPR.
  • Life-sustaining treatment to be continued or not in case of the terminal condition and permanent unconscious state.
  • Donation of body parts, tissues after death.
  • Declare Health Care Power of Attorney (An adult person to act as person agent, to take health care decisions on person behalf if he became unable to do so)


There were many important points which we covered in this article. After thoroughly reading this, you will understand the applicability and uses of Ohio Living Will. If you face any difficulty doing this, you can also check other detailed guidelines for better help.

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