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There are times when a person is certain about their end of life. So, the government has reserved a right for them to sign a Living will form, which will dictate how they want their end to be. The living will form also known as the advance directive, is a piece of a document signed by the patient or principal.

It states multiple criteria which the person has to choose from about the last days of his life. This document is only valid until the death of the principal, as it helps doctors to deliver required care to the sufferer.

What Are the Contents of a PA Living Will Form?

A living will form is used by a person facing his last days, where he has the option to choose what type of medical treatments he wants. He will have to choose between treatments that might prolong his life or just ordinary care until his last breath.

This also works as a preliminary directive and is used when the person is no longer in a condition to make life decisions. The ‘PA living will form ’ is allotted to a person living in Pennsylvania who has encountered severe conditions which can be due to an illness or an accident.

Who Needs to Fill the PA Living Will?

Any person who is 18 or above and living in Pennsylvania will need a PA living will. The Part III of the Pennsylvania Advance Health Care Directive covers all the information related to the free-living will form. As per law, any person who thinks they might face a life-threatening situation where they are not in the right condition to make a decision can utilize the living will form.

This can be due to unconsciousness or severe health complications. In Pennsylvania any person who is facing life-threatening complications has to fill the living will form.

Why Should You Prepare PA Living Wills?

Creating a “PA living will” is very important, especially for the current generation. As critical conditions can occur in anyone’s life which is why every adult should have their own living will. This form consists of many extreme choices that are pre-requisite measures to counter critical conditions.

As per reports recorded in 2020 out of the surveyed 2500 people only 6% had a living will. People need to understand that by filling this form, you can not only protect your loved ones from making harsh decisions.

But also protect them from financial liabilities for treatments done against the PA living will. There are many good things related to this initiative as it saves you from making tough choices when you are not in a good shape.

How to Create a PA Living Will?

Due to growing health complications and an increasing number of accidental deaths. You can easily download the ‘free-living will from the internet. All you have to do is search for “Living will form Pennsylvania.”

There are many websites that contain the Pennsylvania living will template which you can use directly through their website. You can also follow the below-given guide for easier processing:

  • Hire a lawyer:

Hiring an attorney for filing your Living will can save you a lot of trouble. They are well aware of the know-how of this process and take care of everything. On the contrary, in case you want to do it yourself, you are free to do so.

  • Check requirements:

In case you are doing it yourself, make sure you have checked all the requirements that you need to fill in the living will.

  • Select your directives:

Once your documents are ready start by filling in all your information. After that, you have to select the desired end-of-life care options present on the form. You should discuss all such decisions with your medical advisor beforehand.

  • Cross Check:

After you have selected your preferences, you can create multiple copies for your closed ones. Creating multiple copies will help you secure these sensitive documents.


That was all you need to know about PA living will. In this article we have mentioned the uses, applications, and requirements of PA living will. In case you want to know more about filling the form online, you can hit us up anytime. If this article was of use to you don’t forget to share it with your close ones.

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